ServantLeader Ministries conducts leadership training seminars worldwide on the philosophy of servant leadership as taught and practiced by Jesus Christ. Our mission is to educate, encourage and equip leaders in all walks of life who desire to serve rather than be served.

Are you satisfied with your leadership abilities? Are you achieving the results you expected? How can you motivate, inspire and encourage people to be more efficient, effective and creative? If you are in business, athletic administration, or full-time Christian ministry are you realizing your full potential? Are your followers realizing theirs? How can you exercise kingdom leadership in the marketplace?

In the new millennium the old command and control style of leadership will not get you to where you want to be. A new form of leadership is required; a style that will unleash the creativity of people working together to achieve common goals. Only servant leadership will achieve the long-term transformation of people and organizations that results in great places to work and serve!

Watch a clip from our new DVD, Leadership Challenges for Servant Leaders, A Conversation with Author John Sullivan. See the e-Bookstore for a complete description and ordering details.

Seminars in Servant Leadership will introduce you to a unique style of leadership that is modeled on the approach of Him who said He came to serve, not to be served. This upside down leadership style puts the needs of followers above the needs of the leader, promotes teamwork, individual dignity and worth, and results in a synergy of purpose unachievable with the old leadership models.

We also offer leadership coaching and consulting services for leader development.

Click here to read a description of the seminars we currently offer. Other leadership topics, such as strategic planning, are also available, as requested.

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