Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure what type of training we need. How can I find out the best seminar for our particular situation?

The seminar that is best for you may not be best for someone else. It depends on: (1) the experience level of the leaders to attend; (2) the available time for training; and, (3) their level of commitment to the organization and change. Generally, we can make that assessment together after talking about your current status and desired end result.

Do you schedule seminars that we can sign up for individually?

Seminars in Servant Leadership are scheduled as demand requires. We currently do not plan "touring" seminars but rather take the teaching where requested. Although smaller groups are possible, generally ten people is a minimum to sponsor a seminar. This may involve more than one organization combining their resources to sponsor a servant leadership seminar. Private seminars for small groups is possible. Call us and we can discuss your needs.

When is the best time to schedule a seminar?

The best time to schedule a teaching seminar is when the attendees can devote their full attention to the training. A "down time" or quieter time of the year, if that is possible, works well. As for the day of the week, often a Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday seems to work for many organizations.

Do you offer consulting/coaching on a long term basis?

Yes, we do offer consulting and coaching services on a long-term or periodic basis. The length of time required is strictly up to you and will vary depending on the situation.

We have a limited budget. How much do the seminars cost?

The Complete 40-Hour Seminar is $5,000, the Executive 12-Hour Seminar is $1,500, and the 8-Hour Mini Seminar is $1,000 plus expenses. Consulting/coaching services are contracted on an hourly basis.

Who should attend the seminar?

Leaders at all levels will benefit from the training but younger leaders often are more open to new ideas and change. Anyone in a position of responsibility from first-level supervisors to senior leaders will discover new approaches to leading people that will make them more effective and those they lead more fulfilled and productive. Senior leaders looking to take their organizations to the next level of success will greatly benefit as well.

What type of facility and services are required to host a seminar?

Facility requirements are a meeting room with adequate seating capacity for the expected number of participants (not to exceed maximum allowable occupants); chairs and tables or desks for expected number of participants suitable for taking notes; projector screen; electrical power and table for projector; small lectern; restroom facilities.

We are a quasi-government agency. One of our directors thought the seminar was too "religious." Would anyone be offended by what you teach?

We are happy to work with a variety of secular organizations including government agencies. Our intention is not to proselytize or "convert" anyone to a particular set of beliefs but rather to present a model for leadership that has withstood the test of time and is proving successful across a wide spectrum of organizations, both secular and religious. We unapologetically hold up Jesus of Nazareth as the best model for servant leadership. To our knowledge, no one who has attended a seminar has been offended by our approach to leadership training.

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