Coach as Servant Leader?

Coach as Servant Leader? (8-hours)

This seminar is designed specifically for high school and college/university athletic administrators and focuses on how to be a true servant leader to your student-athletes and to each other. Following each block of instruction, participants are broken up into small groups or teams and assigned one or two of the discussion questions. At the end of the allotted time, the teams come back together and each one presents their solution/approach to answering the questions assigned. Questions are focused to elicit answers applicable to each individual's position here and now. The entire group participates in critiquing each solution.

Following the presentation, two hours are devoted to scenario role play. Volunteers act out five different scenarios common to coaching at the high school and college-level and then the entire group critiques the actions of the "coach."

Topics covered in the seminar include:

  • Defining a servant leader coach
  • Applying Jesus' Five-Phase Strategy to coaching
  • Six unique leadership traits of a servant coach
  • Ten follower-focused leadership behaviors for athletic staffs
  • Tactics of a servant coach: how to put servanthood in to play
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