Complete Seminar

The Complete 40-Hour Seminar reviews the academic foundations of the study of leadership, examines the work of Robert Greenleaf and his understanding of servant leadership, summarizes the contemporary contributions to leadership scholarship from the Quality Revolution, and identifies major findings from the work of George Barna and others on uniquely Christian leadership requirements.

After setting the stage, the seminar moves into a detailed study of the unique leadership style of Jesus of Nazareth by examining his background and preparation, his guiding principles, leadership strategy, traits, behaviors, and tactics for building a creative, innovative, growing organization. This servant-first approach to leadership is compared to earlier models throughout the seminar.

The Complete Seminar affords the attendee the opportunity to work with a small team consisting of 6-8 people to discuss the concepts presented and their application to each person's particular organization. Teams will spend time dedicated to discussing questions associated with each teaching block and make several presentations of their findings and conclusions to the entire group. A final project will be assigned to each team to complete over several months following the seminar.

Complete 40-Hour Seminar
This complete seminar begins by setting the stage for a discussion of servant leadership with a review of traditional leadership theories. In trying to find common ground among the various theories they are broken them into three groups: leader-focused, follower-focused, andsituation-focused.

Then we review quality leadership and its contribution to the science of modern management. We examine the fascinating connection between the beginning of the human relations school of management and the genesis of the quality revolution.

"True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders." Anonymous

Perhaps most well known among the advocates of servant leadership, Robert Greenleaf's servant-as-leader approach is analyzed. We examine the compatibility between Greenleaf's servant leadership and the philosophy of quality management.

A discussion of the unique requirements for Christian leadership follows as identified by researcher George Barna and others. We identify elements, competencies, traits, and leader types that resonate with servant leaders in all professions.

The remainder of the seminar is devoted to discovering Jesus as servant leader and the application of His leadership approach to organizations today. We take a comprehensive look at how Jesus created an "organization" that began with a small group of largely uneducated men and women under great oppression that has grown and flourished over the past two thousand years with a servant-as-leader philosophy.

When we study the life of Jesus from a leadership perspective, we find that He had a set of guiding principles, a strategy, plans, tactics and a revolutionary way of dealing with people. No other leader in the history of the world has so lived out the philosophy of servant leadership than Jesus of Nazareth. He was the ultimate servant leader.

Topics covered in the seminar include:

  • Servant leadership, a paradox
  • Misconceptions about leadership
  • Differences between leadership and management
  • Traditional models of leadership: trait, behavior, and situational leadership
  • Background and history of quality leadership
  • The Hawthorne Studies and the human relations school of management
  • Definition, principles and functions of quality leadership
  • Creating a quality culture
  • Greenleaf's servant as leader
  • Traits and behaviors of a servant leader
  • Two models for leadership in institutions
  • A model for Christian leadership
  • Types of leaders for efficient organizations
  • Jesus of Nazareth: a model
  • Jesus' heritage and its impact on His leadership style
  • Servant leader defined
  • Jesus' Guiding Principles: vision, mission, values
  • His Five-Phase strategy for preparing, deploying, and growing
  • Six unique leadership traits
  • Ten follower-focused leadership behaviors
  • Five tactics for implementation
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