Mini-Seminar (8-hours)

As in the Executive Seminar, this seminar focuses on the leadership philosophy of Jesus and the application of His leadership approach to organizations today without applying His tactics to modern organizations. We leave that to attendees to work out on their own following the seminar. We take a comprehensive look at how Jesus created an "organization" that began with a small group of largely uneducated men and women under great oppression that has grown and flourished over the past two thousand years with a servant leadership philosophy.

When we study the life of Jesus from a leadership perspective, we find that He had a set of guiding principles, a strategy, plans, tactics and a revolutionary way of dealing with people. No other leader in the history of the world has so lived out the philosophy of servant leadership than Jesus of Nazareth. He was the ultimate servant leader.

Topics covered in the seminar include:

  • Jesus of Nazareth: a model
  • Jesus' heritage and its impact on His leadership style
  • Servant leader defined
  • Jesus' Guiding Principles: vision, mission, values
  • His Five-Phase strategy for preparing, deploying, and growing
  • Six unique leadership traits
  • Ten follower-focused leadership behaviors
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