Seminars Overview

So you've read Good To Great-Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't (Jim Collins, HarperCollins: New York, 2001) and you want to become a Level 5 leader?

Seminars in Servant Leadership will show you how!

These seminars are not just for Christian organizations. Jesus' unique servant leadership style is applicable to every type of organization that seeks to realize the maximum potential from each of its members.

Leadership seminars may be conducted at your site and are available in the Complete, Executive, and Mini-Seminar formats. A 40-hour seminary-level course, A Return to Servant Leadership, is available for working church leaders, both ordained and lay. Athletic administrators and coaches will see their role through a whole new paradigm with the seminar, Coach as Servant Leader? Seminars may be scheduled over a weekend, in the evenings, or during the week to fit your schedule. Other scheduling options are available to meet your needs.

"True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders." Anonymous

What can you expect from these seminars?

That depends on which seminar you attend.

The Complete 40-hour Seminar will provide you with a solid foundation of the theory and practice of leadership and its most effective application today while contrasting traditional and more modern theories with servant leadership.

The Executive 12-hour Seminar will expose you to the traditional leadership theories while grounding you in Jesus' style of servant leadership and its application in your organization.

The Mini-Seminar (8-hours) will leave you with a clear understanding of servant leadership as practiced by Jesus Christ and its application in your organization.

A Return to Servant Leadership is a 40-hour seminary course which focuses on the leadership style of Jesus and how it may be applied in the church today. It is presented in an accelerated adult degree-completion learning format. The concepts presented in the course will challenge student's assumptions about leadership and call to question the dominant leadership model prevalent in the church today. This course is currently taught on a yearly basis in East Africa but is available in the U.S. and other worldwide locations.

Coach as Servant Leader? (8-12 hours) is designed for athletic administrators and coaches at the secondary school and collegiate levels.

Regardless of which seminar you attend, you will develop a whole new outlook on leadership and the role of the leader. Our aim is that this would be a life-changing experience for each participant. Ultimately, you will see leadership as an opportunity to serve rather than a privilege to be served.

There can be no lasting peace between people until each one sees his brother and sister through the eyes of Christ.

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